Inventorying and Archiving

complete management of records related to medical devices,
manufacturers, suppliers, groups, models, and more

Acquisition Procedures

including acceptance testing

Preventive Maintenance and Periodic Inspections

creation and management of protocols and procedures
for quality assurance and safety

Corrective Maintenance

overall management and scheduling of the work orders

Quality Assurance Quality Assurance

using quality and cost indicators for monitoring the quality of both the overall
CED activity and the individual services provided to the hospital

Reports' Generation

with data analysis and statistics

Management of Adverse Events

with the possibility of reports to the Competent Authority

Education and Training Activities

management and monitoring of education and training activities
of both the CED staff and hospital personnel in the use of MDs

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Web-Praxis is a Medical Equipment Management System, developed to support Clinical Engineering Departments (CED) of Hospitals with an emphasis on safety, efficiency and effectiveness of the use of medical equipment. The system keeps track of, assists and facilitates, all the medical device related actions a CED has to perform, following the whole device life cycle within the hospital.