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Every hospital and every CED has different and numerous needs. Web-praxis has been designed so as to flawlessly address these needs and overcome the diversity in a way transparent to the user. This is achieved through clear-cut modularity. The system is built in a way so that the user can easily distinguish the parts useful to him and use only those.

The modules of Web-praxis cover every aspect of hospital daily routine including, inventory, maintenance, inspections and more.


This module provides a thorough devices archive, where everything is neatly presented in a single thematically structured view.

Keep easily track of device:
  • Information
  • Location
  • Cost
  • Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Contracts

Corrective Maintenance

Periodic Inspections


This module follows up whole the repair cycle, starting with the registration of a call for repair up to the final corrective action and results.

Moreover, planned, on-going or recently completed tasks are displayed in the main interface, so that hospital personnel that use Web-praxis can be abreast at any time.


Organize and oversee CED’s periodic inspections. This module allows simple and straightforward handling of all necessary information.

Moreover, the automatic work-order generation feature assists CED to better organize the department’s resources.

Spare part

Spare parts management is essential for corrective and preventive maintenance. Web-Praxis keeps track of the spare parts information such as availability and cost.


The Calendar tool helps you keep track of planned, in-progress and completed tasks or work-orders utilizing a smart and simple user interface. The system allows you to add new tasks, edit old ones, change dates, reorganize work-orders, all in no time.

Quality and Cost Indicators/Reporting System

Web-praxis also incorporates a powerful tool that calculates cost and quality indicators to offer the user a clear overview of device management cost and quality of services provided.

Have instant information on issues concerning Inventory, Periodic Inspections, Repairs and Finances such as Equipment Operation Time, Duration of Repairs, Total Maintenance Cost and many more.

The information is presented in a numeric or graphical way to simplify user interaction and can also be exported to excel format, so that the user can edit them according to his or her needs.