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Web-praxis is a web system that was developed to be used by a variety of users with different backgrounds and computer skills. For this reason the interface has been designed so as to meet the different user needs. The basic ideas behind the interface design were:

  • “keep it simple”
  • “follow the work flow”
  • “use the characteristics that Internet users are familiar with”
  • “provide the information to the user gradually and on demand”

In this way, the users can feel familiar with the interface and complete their tasks in an environment that can be “learned” in a couple of days.

Documentation – tutorials

Web-praxis is accompanied by an extensive manual that will answer any question.

Moreover, a number of tutorial videos explain the main functions of the system in a comprehensive way.

Web-praxis also offers unparalleled after-sales services. In case of any problem, a help desk is ready to answer your questions and help you find the solution.